“Social Housing Rights Explained” Booklet 2012

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With the support of the Citizens Information Board the housing group launched the booklet “Social Housing Rights Explained”. The booklet, a collaboration by the housing group, provides information to tenants, prospective tenants and supporting service providers on housing issues and information on where they can get further support. It also outlines the legal responsibilities of local authorities.

The housing group comprises Ballymun Community Law Centre, Barnardos, CAN – Community Action Network, Focus Ireland, the Irish Traveller Movement Law Centre, Mercy Law Resource Centre, Northside Community Law Centre and the Public Interest Law Alliance. The informal group meets on a monthly basis to share information and consider matters of housing law and policy relevant to their work. The group also collaborates on projects such as this booklet where appropriate.


Submission on Proposals in Scheme of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2013


Submission to the Equality Authority in Relation to a Proposed Amendment of the Employment Equality Acts 1998/2011
Submission on the Social Welfare & Pensions Bill 2013

Domicillary Care Allowance Review
NCLMC Submission RE: Legal Services Regulation Bill 2011
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Submission to 4th Programme of Law Reform Commission 2013


Submission on Social Welfare Bill 2012
Submission re Proposed Amendment to the Residential Tenancies Act 2004
Submission on Personal Insolvency Bill 2012
Submission on Residential Tenancies (Amendment)(No.2) Bill 2012
Submission in response to the Blueprint to Deliver A World-Class Workplace Relations Service
Submission on the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2012
Pre-Budget Submission - Social and Family Affairs (PDF 79KB)
Pre Budget Submission - Special Needs Cuts - Education (PDF 60KB)
Social Welfare Bill 2010 (PDF 114KB)
Legal Aspects of Family Relationships (PDF 121KB)
Personal Debt Management & Debt Enforcement (PDF 156KB)
Children & the Law – Medical Treatment (PDF 181KB)



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Media Coverage

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Northside Community Law Centre Research

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A report commissioned by Northside Community Law Centre (PDF 2MB)

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